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What is My golf DNA accuracy Contact Trajectory a+C+T = Distance

our teaching philosophy

We have a real passion for helping people improve not only in golf, but also in life. We have spent the last 15 years coaching and researching golf, learning from some of the worlds greatest coaches and we have found a formula that works for everyone.  We believe everyone has their own golf DNA and we want to help you by sharing our unique never been done before platform to allow you to take charge of your game!


Accuracy is the most important strand of your golf DNA as your clubface and swing plane have a huge influence on your Contact, Trajectory and Distance. To achieve more consistency and hit more fairways and greens you must first of all understand what your doing wrong? In this strand you will identify your current ball flight, learn the truth behind it, understand your golf swing and learn how to change your swing faults. Unlock your true potential and hit the ball straighter than ever before. Your golf DNA journey starts here!


As you progress through the Accuracy strand you will be hitting more fairways and greens. Your contact is important in delivering maximum energy to the golf ball to create maximum, consistent distance allowing you to hit repeatable golf shots. In this strand we focus on improving your off center hits and stopping those fat and thin shots. You will learn about your golf swing and understand the swing faults related to poor contact. This strand will help you pin point exactly what you do and what you need to do to strike that golf ball solid!


You will find it much easier to control your trajectory now that your contact has improved. In this strand we will help you get the most out of your game to create optimum height, power, spin, distance control and consistency. You will also learn how to shape your shots. All of which will help you match your game to the courses you play and the conditions you play in. You will learn about your golf swing, understand the swing faults related to your trajectory and with some solid practice you will have complete control over your golf ball.


The final strand of your golf DNA is here! With golf becoming more of an athletic sport, distance is more important when it comes to playing better golf and shooting lower scores. The first 3 strands will have a huge influence on creating more distance in your game but this strand will focus purely on generating more speed and power in your golf swing. You will understand how you can efficiently transfer energy to the golf ball, increase your swing speed and have simple drills to help you achieve maximum distance, allowing you to hit shots from further down the fairway than ever before!