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  1. easychrissi on said:

    Hi Neil,

    this I don’t understand. I signed up my free membership front9 which includes 10 free videos. Is it limited to certain videos?

  2. tinoco1 on said:

    Good Morning ,
    I m writing from Spain , I have seen a lot of videos from you on internet but I still have a lot of doubts , do you have any program on line to improve my golf ? Does included any analize video for you ?

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing soon

    Jesus Gomez

    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Thanks for your email. We offer online coaching through this site where we will look at your swing and give you a plan moving forward with your game. We can use this platform where we create a plan for you with the drills you need. Let me know your questions or doubts you have and we will be happy to answer them.

  3. tromsis on said:

    Hello. I just joined and also purchased an online lesson….I am not sure how to get video to you for analysis. Where do I go to submit lesson to you..

    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Hi Bob. Thanks for joining and thanks for purchasing the online lesson. We will send you details of what to do next via email. Thanks again, we look forward to helping your game this year!!

    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Hi thanks for the comment and thanks for purchasing an online lesson with us. Can you please send us an email to please and we will get on this immediately and arrange the skype session. Sorry for the delay.

  4. will-777 on said:

    I have just joined the front nine membership and I don’t understand about how to get the DNA golf plan for myself, wether you design it or I do myself please can you help as it says it comes free.
    Thanks Will

    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Hi Will. Thanks for the comment and thanks for signing up. You have to go in and create a plan yourself. The Fault Finder will help you identify which faults you are doing from the answers you put in. It would help if you can video your swing to see also. You will be limited on the videos though but you can gain full access through the Back 9 or Hole in One memberships. We have a free 7 day trial at the moment so you get to see all of the videos. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks Andy

  5. kurtstorey on said:

    Hi guys.. I’ve really enjoyed your videos and subscribed to the back 9 membership but now have to temporarily cancel. Please let me know how to do this and good luck with your success!!

      • Stefano Ricoveri on said:

        Hi Andy,
        thank you for your answer.
        I upgraded to the “back 9″ and from the Tablet (Samsung – Android) I can see all videos but sometime I have problems with the digital certificates. With the Windows PC I continue to see the video locked like I don’t have the “back 9″ Subscription.

        • Andy Proudman on said:

          Hi Stefano.

          I will pass the message on to Neil who will take a look for you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and we will look at this right away.



    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Hi Dave. It is in dollars because the majority of our followers are from the U.S. It does convert it to UK Sterling and it will be changed this year to appear in both currencies.

  6. Hexster on said:

    Hi. I would like to upgrade to Back-9 but it would require a payment over paypal. I have had some bad experience with paypal before. Is there any other way to pay?

    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Hi Ted. Thanks for the comment. We are in the process of changing the website to allow credit card payments at the moment. I will pass on the message to Neil who is looking after this message and he will contact you to let you know when this will be possible.



  7. collindobnikar on said:

    I have been billed for my first month of the Back 9. However, I cant access certain things such as Golf DNA. Please help. Thanks.

    • Andy Proudman on said:

      Hi Collin. Sorry about that. I will pass on your details to Neil who will look after that for you to give you complete access asap.



  8. charles ferris on said:

    What is the stuff in the can you use
    on your clubs?
    Seems very useful.
    I’d love to find some.

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